Welcome to the e-health and biomedical informatics research web server at the University of Birmingham

One of the common goals among engineering, computer, biomedical and life sciences over the past few decades has been to bring together scientists who create and validate methods and models of how data and knowledge are used in biomedicine. The broad fields of e-health and biomedical informatics are aiming at studying to employ innovative and novel information and telecommunication technologies for acquiring, representing, processing and managing data and knowledge within the fields of healthcare and biomedical sciences.

The research effort in e-health and biomedical informatics at the Department of Electronic, Electrical and & Computer Engineering is focusing at intendisciplinary scientific work in the areas of clinical information systems for biomedical decision support, electronic clinical trials, the integrated electronic healthcare record, e-learning for evidence-based medicine, telecommunication technologies in healthcare, integrative biology (with a focus on metabolomics), biomedical image and signal processing, and biomedical data standardisation.

The e-health and biomedical informatics research effort at The Univerity of Birmingham has benefited from the long-standing collaborative research work of individual members of the Biomedical Informatics, Signals and Systems Laboratory, with a variety of partners in the field of engineering science. In particular, members of the lab have been undertaking innovative engineering science research with industrial (BTexact, Fujitsu, Ideas Network Ltd, Kodak, MIRA, QinetiQ, TRW), governmental (DERA, EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC, NERC, CRUK, EU-CEC, EU Parliament, MoD/DSTL, NHS, and US Air Force Research Labs) and academic partners in the United Kingdom, European Union, South-East Asia and the United States of America.

This research web server includes information and resources on the e-health and bioinformatics research work that is undertaken by the Biomedical Informatics, Signals and Systems Laboratory at the Department of Electronic, Electrical & Computer Engineering and their collaborating groups. Within this server we are also promoting information that relates to biomedical informatics education for the professional community and the public, while we provide a variety of acivities for the involvement of and support from the broader community.

Dr Theodoros N. Arvanitis
Head of the Biomedical Informatics, Signals and Systems Laboratory

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